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Never Checkout – Podcast from Sjors Brul

The next chapter
in hospitality

We explore cutting-edge trends and challenges in hospitality. With global experts as guests, we provide unique insights for your business to flourish in a dynamic industry.


Jan Willem van Meerten

CTO at Softcollect

Data Lakes in Hospitality: Unlocking the Power of AI

Jan Willem van Meerten, a seasoned data specialist, dives deep into the world of data lakes and AI in the hospitality industry. Discover how integrating diverse data sources, like PMS and booking systems, into a unified data lake can revolutionize hotel operations. Learn about the magic of AI in transforming this organized data into actionable insights, all within a secure environment. Tune in to explore how this synergy can drastically improve your hotel's efficiency and guest experience.


Bart van Leeuwen

Microsoft 365 expert at Sbit

From Vista to Copilot: Evolution of Microsoft in Hospitality

Join us as Bart van Leeuwen, seasoned Microsoft 365 specialist, delves into the transformative impact of Microsoft Copilot in hospitality. Learn how this innovative AI tool is reshaping hotel management, from enhancing guest experiences to streamlining operations.


Roeland Verhamme

Founder and CEO at Expect Me

Get What You Expect:
Choose Your Hotel Room

In this insightful episode, we're joined by Roeland Verhamme, founder of Expect Me, who shares his vision for transforming the hotel booking experience. Roeland discusses the innovative concept of allowing guests to choose their hotel rooms in advance, similar to selecting seats on a flight. We delve into how this strategy not only enhances guest satisfaction but also boosts direct bookings for hotels.


Rogier Braakman

Managing Director at Penta Hotels

From Cyber Breach to
Digital Transformation

In this episode, Rogier Braakman, the Managing Director at Penta Hotels, shares the harrowing experience of a cyber attack that shook the foundations of their establishment. With an 80% occupancy across 3,000 guest rooms, the impact was far more profound than anticipated. Rogier turned the crisis into an opportunity for digital transformation, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

Sjors Brul - Never Checkout

The host

About Sjors Brul

‘Never Check Out’ – It's not merely a phrase, but a philosophy that embraces the journey, accepting mistakes as stepping stones towards fulfilling the mission of life.

My journey began in a humble attic room back in 1999, fueled by a dissatisfaction with the constrained technology available in the hospitality industry and a burning desire to catalyze change. From this determination, Sbit Hospitality ICT Services was born. Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, I spearheaded the evolution of Sbit from a fledgling startup to a leading entity in the European hospitality market over the next two decades.

Recognizing that reshaping the hospitality landscape couldn't be a solo endeavor, I joined forces with the TSH Group in 2022. This strategic partnership is focused on transforming the Hospitality vertical into a European powerhouse.

Simultaneously, I felt the pressing need to foster a culture of shared wisdom, insights, and lessons learned amongst hospitality industry leaders. This conviction inspired the creation of this podcast. This platform serves as a communal space for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, providing a global stage for those seeking to redefine the hospitality industry.

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